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▲ texture + fire  

metal inspired by the desert

From The Reliquary is an artisan jewelry line designed and constructed by Alex Ozers in Phoenix, AZ. The work is hand wrought from mixed metals with stone accents. Torch fire and patinas give the works an antique presence. Distressed tools create texture to form jewelry designs that feel both contemporary and authentic. 



From The Reliquary
Phoenix, AZ

Details + Fabrication


Jewelry can be made in different ways, but around here we make each piece individually from scratch. In metalsmithing, fabrication is the process of building up a piece from basic forms using hand techniques. A particular piece might be formed and shaped with hammers and mandrels, sawed and snipped, domed, forged, drilled, soldered, or hand textured. It is far from the fastest way, but I think it is a way that matters. It means that every mark and every groove on a piece was struck by hand. It is a special kind of stubbornness, really. 



Like all creative work, mine is bound to my own visual experiences. Born and raised in the rural Southwest, I have a natural affinity for texture, grit, and dusty hands. My work is inspired by desolate summers, sun-bleached wood, and watching stucco walls age and crack year after year. That appreciation for a time-worn aesthetic is something I impart in each piece.

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